Sir Edward’s Whisky 70cl

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  • Refined whisky
  • perfect for every occasion
  • Attractive amber color
  • 70cl bottle size
  • product of Scotland
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Sir Edwards – 70cl  whiskey is made with only the finest grain and malt whiskies. The whiskies are meticulously selected by the master craftsmen then blended together to achieve the perfect marriage of flavours, then it is aged in oak barrels.

The premium Sir Edwards Scotch Whisky is defined as a classic blend.

In a bright amber color, the Whisky shines through its elegantly decorated bottle and prepares lust on the tasting.

Sir Edward’s blended Scotch whisky is carefully distilled, blended and matured in oak barrels.

The process uses purely traditional methods, techniques honed over centuries in the heart of Scotland and passed down from generation to generation.

Sir Edward’s whiskey has a unique character that comes from a careful selection of blended grain and malt whiskies, forming a perfect harmony.

Whiskey is also a type of a distilled alcoholic beverage but this is made from fermented grain mash as compared to rum. Various whiskey brands are made up of different grains, including corn, wheat, rye, and barley.

It has an attractive, bright amber colour, and fruity and warm woody tones.

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Sir Edward's Whisky 70cl